We can provide illustrations to aid in various stages of brainstorming and construction -- everything from a basic overhead scaled submission for the permitting folks to an exhaustive 3D video tour, rich in detail, to facilitate materials selection.  

Renderings help bring ideas to life, and well in advance of breaking ground or incurring construction costs.  This permits a unique opportunity to shape an idea, test it for livability and aesthetics, and then, frankly, to tinker until exactly right.  

In some cases a local governing body may require plans prepared or approved by a licensed architect.  In these cases, too, enlisting our help would equip you with a scaled plan on which the architects can base their work, getting you well on your way.  Renderings are also an inexpensive means of visualizing the complex architectural blueprints you may already have in hand.  

You'll enjoy the possibilities this tool provides -- a life-like preview of your prospective design.  Rates for this service vary but are disclosed in advance.

This rendering (left) helped to ensure the deck design would adequately accommodate a beloved tree, seen with the completed project (right).